The Cutting Edge of Video Analytics.

At Kingdom Security, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of video analytics. Video analytics software was created to help review the vast amount of hours of video surveillance footage a security manager or security guard might otherwise not have time to watch. It is the speeding up of searches of recorded video. It is extremely beneficial in quickly and effectively detecting unauthorized intruders, which will, in turn, protect your environment and potentially save you money.

How Analytics Software Works:

Each system is unique to the business owner, meaning they set up their own parameters according to their business needs. If you arm your surveillance system and its motion detector is tripped after hours, our integrated video analytic software will react by sending you an email so that you may be alerted. You now have the information to act quickly to assess any threat.

How Can Video Analytics Help?

Business analytics can help greatly reduce false alarms by analyzing genuine threats from trivial occurrences like animals on site or nature interferences. The system can fine-tune itself with predetermined parameters and learn to ignore certain events; this, in turn, results in more confidence in staff in filtering alarms and more confidence by first responders.

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