Kingdom is CertifiedAt Kingdom Security, we take security seriously. That’s why we go above and beyond when it comes to demonstrating our credentials. We hold several important certifications that set us apart from the rest of the security world. These include:

  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
  • Avetta Safety Compliance
  • ISNetworld Compliance
  • Brown’s Compliance
  • Texas Online Private Security certification
  • DISA drug testing

We do this not only because it puts us head and shoulders above the competition, but because we care. We’re passionate about providing a secure workplace for our clients, and we carry that passion into our own work.

Safety Compliance

Safety is our number one priority. Whether we’re helping to keep intruders out of your building, or using best practices for our employees installing the systems, it’s an integral part of everything we do.

That’s exactly why we take pride in our certifications. Each program offers a different set of practices, and an opportunity to expand our expertise. We strive to incorporate them all into our work.


The Texas Online Private Security certification is a government-run program that ensures a base level of quality in the security industry. The government regulates all private security companies throughout the state. This ranges from manned security, armed and unarmed, to security systems companies, like Kingdom Security.

This is crucial for maintaining the credibility of our profession. Those that run without the proper licensing are untrustworthy, and TOPS seeks to weed out low quality or dangerous security operations.

While this is a mandatory certification, we take pride in keeping the security field above board and safe.

System Certifications

We also hold certain certifications for our technology. Since we work closely with the petrochemical industry, we are able to install security systems with a Class 1, Division 2 explosion proof certification. It’s crucial that your system can survive any like scenario.

All of our certifications are just further proof that we care about protecting your property. If you’re ready to design your custom security system, get a quote today.

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