Kingdom Security offers cloud-based physical security systems including video surveillance, access control and more. With our remote, cloud-based storage, you have access to a strong yet simple solution for your security needs. At Kingdom Security, we understand that each customer’s security needs are different, whether you are an industrial facility, a property manager or a small business. We can customize a cloud-based system to meet your needs.

Cloud-Based Security

Features of our Cloud-Based Security Systems:

  • Data is stored on a professionally hosted IT infrastructure
  • Remote site management capacity
  • Increased efficiency: no need for costly IT staff or cumbersome computer racks



Kingdom Security cloud-based monitoring can provide powerful, combined video and access management in a single cloud platform. We are based in League City, TX and we work with customers throughout the Houston area and the Gulf Coast region. Call (877) 479 – 6663 today for a free, no obligation quote on our cloud physical security solutions.

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