Increasing the security of your property generally means restricting access. While the modern the solution is keycard access, on the simplest level, that could mean handing out keys to those that need it. If a specific employee doesn’t need access, or shouldn’t be given access, they don’t give a key. That’s all it takes.

But unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes an employee only needs temporary access. You could give them a key and collect it later, but that can be difficult. Maybe an employee only needs access during the day, but allowing 24/7 entry would create a security risk. A key is no longer an option. And that’s why we at Kingdom Security can create you an integrated keycard system.

Why Keycards?

Have you ever wondered why hotels have switched almost universally to electronic key cards? Yes, the technology is more expensive than a standard lock, but it offers something a hard key never will: adaptability. The cards (including RFID cards) can be wiped and reprogrammed at will.

While the need for that is not as high with other properties, every company has turnover. Every company has employees with changing needs and access levels. Every company has the need to protect its employees from outsiders, and its profits from employees.

With keycard access, you can guarantee full control over who can get in where. You can also control the when and why. A keycard system offers customizable control, and adaptable security.

Why Kingdom Security?

There’s a reason why Kingdom Security has been a staple of the Houston area for over a decade. We understand the differences and similarities of all industries. We’ve installed integrated security systems, including ones with keycard access, in everything from industrial plants to hospitals. We know what it takes to keep you safe.

If you’re ready to design your customized security system, request a quote today.

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