Security starts the moment someone steps on the property. Sometimes, if an intruder can get to the door, it’s often too late to stop them. That’s why we offer an assortment of outdoor security features. This way, you can not only protect the building but the entire perimeter.

Among others, we offer:

At Kingdom Security, we understand security is more than just locked doors and ID badges. Your campus should feel just as safe as the offices inside. Cars, outdoor equipment, and employees walking outside all need just as much protection.

The Technology

If high-tech machinery is installed outside, that means one thing is an absolute necessity: weatherproofing. All of our technology has the high-grade resistance to water, wind, cold—anything that nature can throw at it. Outdoor security installations must withstand the elements.

A security system is only as good as it is in a worst-case scenario. Intruders know when a facility is at its most susceptible. Burglars come when the staff has gone home for the day. Looters strike when the power is out. If your security system fails when the rain comes down too hard, that’s just one more weakness to add.

Why Kingdom Security?

Kingdom Security focuses on integrated systems. But what does that mean? Essentially, that means we don’t approach security from one angle. We know that a strong system is more than its parts. A system has to function as a unit, and that means functioning under any weather condition.

We’ve been installing security systems across Houston for over a decade. We know what it takes to keep your property and employees safe.

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