Kingdom Security cloud-based access control solutions are an ideal emergency accountability system for employees of industrial facilities. The cloud-based electronic access control provides accurate and immediate employee accountability response for emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, toxic releases, and other emergency situations that require orderly employee tracking and evacuation. Kingdom Security has the customizable plans and solutions to provide the highest level of security and safety for petrochemical plants and industrial facilities. We are based in League City, TX and have provided security systems for plants throughout the Houston area, including Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, Baytown, Channelview, Alvin, Mount Belvieu and more. To get started your security system, request a quote today.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Daily shift “pen and paper” sign-in logs are slow to process and impede a fast emergency response. By comparison, electronic login is made automatically and the information can be quickly analyzed and shared immediately company-wide or as needed.

Fast And Reliable Information When you Need It The Most

Electronic logins and tracking are especially useful for facilities with large numbers of employees that have issues with turnover or changing work shift schedules. The cloud-based system is easily updated with current information to limit access to unauthorized personnel and to provide access to new employees.

Multi-Purpose Access Control For Emergency Evacuations

Security Systems for RefineryThe facility manager who is tasked with the requirement to plan for a periodic drill for a full evacuation will find that the cloud-based access control system is multi-purpose and is the fastest way to track all employee whereabouts in live time.

  • An email notification can be sent for an event such as when a guard hits a panic button or an ESD (emergency shutdown) button is pressed.
  • The access control system can be integrated with the need to shut down or inactivate specific plant process as needed
  • Re-entry into the facility can be programmed so that entry is only permitted after the “all-clear” decision has been made.
  • Can be deployed as a temporary solution for a construction project. Kingdom Security has the ability to use cell (data) and/or solar (power. The access control system can start when the project does.
  • This system can automatically email and excel report of contractors in and out time for billing verification. This can be done in excel. By comparison, most systems cannot email an excel form automatically.

Toxic Chemical BarrelsPetro-Chemical Electronic Security

Kingdom Security is a leader in electronic security systems for the protection of petrochemical, oil ,and gas facilities. These types of industrial complexes have the need to comply with many very stringent governmental regulations. Kingdom Security has the strict on-going training that is required to service these types of facilities. Kingdom Security can provide the right solution for all these challenges. High-risk facilities demand a security integrator company that has the expertise with protection for these types of complexes.

Security Solutions for Industrial Facilities

Below is a list of security solutions we offer for all industrial and petrochemical customers:


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