When future tenants are shopping for a new location, they want to know that their employees will be safe.

The security for the building perimeter and access into the offices are major factors.

    • Limit your liability with reliable access control
    • Know that your buildings are properly being locked and unlocked
    • Easy to learn and multi-site capable
    • Set special credentials for management, tenants, visitors, and maintenance workers
    • Instant live data, archived data, and behavior analytics

Manage User Lists

Kingdom Security cloud-based access control systems allow property managers to give tenants the right to manage their own lists of cardholders. As a property manager, you can provide the login credentials to tenants for their specific site(s). The tenant(s) can then make the needed adjustments for their own employees and visitors. Tenants do not need to purchase any hardware or download any software.

Cloud Based Access Control System

The old way of doing this was to circulate a card-holder list to confirm who was still on the roster for access into the building, then to rewrite the new names for the new lists. Now the tenants can instantly make changes as needed. In the past, property managers sometimes even needed to ask a third party to make the needed changes, now tenants can make the needed changes “that work” instantly! This is a huge advantage for keeping customers happy and attracting new tenants for your buildings.

“Shared” perimeter doors, such as lobby entrances, tenant specific elevator floor entrances, and parking garages can be securely managed by multiple tenants that use these common areas of the building. Tenants can add and delete a card without needing to contact the property manager to do this, instead of lag time to get a new access card or to delete a card’s access. Imagine giving your tenants a card bank of unused cards enables the tenants to issue new cards when needed without the need to visit the property manager.

Budget Friendly And Scalable As Needed

Property managers still have the ability to override the access to the building as needed and to view all the access control data. Property managers can audit the data and monitor the behavior patterns of tenants, when they come and go, and possibly even power usage in the office. For example, A/C or heat use will be more for offices that are being used more than regularly scheduled hours.

Security for multi-tenant propertiesWith Kingdom Security, there is no need to purchase dedicated PCs, hardware, or software that will need to have the typical treadmill process of upgrades. The Kingdome Security access control system is “cloud based” which means it can be structured as a “pay as you go” process. This is the ideal scenario for the property management business model since the typical tenant is already paying the rent monthly. The end-user can pay for the service as needed.

Multi-Tenant Control For Multi-Tenant Buildings

Instead of everyone purchasing their own system, one system can manage the needs of multiple tenants in multiple locations. This same application can be applied to gated communities and multifamily residences.

Multi-Tenant Building Security Systems

Below is a list of security solutions we offer for all property managers:

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