Kingdom Security’s commercial video surveillance systems are reliable, with protection from power outages and hardware failure issue.

Kingdom Security is also proficient with the installation of advanced IP video surveillance and security technology. These newer IP video systems provide an unprecedented level of security and control over surveillance data using integrated analytics. IP video surveillance systems are able to provide access to this secure video information from anywhere in the world.

Let Kingdom Security professionals design a system for your organization that fits your company’s needs for today and is scalable to meet the needs of tomorrow as well. Kingdom Security video surveillance systems provide the best long-term reliable solutions. Each video system is carefully custom engineered to the needs of the customer, from small systems to multi-site solutions. We are based in League City, TX, and we serve customers throughout the Houston and Gulf Coast region. Contact us today for the solution to your video security and surveillance needs!

Commercial Video Security Benefits

Video Surveillance SystemVideo surveillance systems have been proven to be a cost-effective means to reduce exposure to theft and liability from accidents.

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • High-definition image quality
  • Video surveillance monitoring
  • Time and money-saving intelligent video search tools
  • Reduced costs by leveraging existing IT network infrastructure
  • Increased value of surveillance footage with the use of analytics
  • Integration to other systems including point-of-sale, ATM, access control and alarm
  • Remote viewing of live or recorded video

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