Incorporating Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is one of the simplest steps you can take when securing your property. With hard evidence of what’s going on in your building, you can quickly take care of issues. This goes for safety concerns, loss prevention, or even productivity issues.

CCTV is an important part of any building’s integrated security system. From retail to industrial, cameras serve a practical and completely necessary purpose in the workplace. At Kingdom Security, we offer both indoor and outdoor solutions.


CCTV may seem like an expensive investment. Even though we pride ourselves on quick and easy installation, the extra money may not always seem practical. However, a CCTV system can actually pay for itself in a short period of time. You’ll save money by:

  • Losing less product to shoplifting
  • Minimizing the size of a lost prevention team
  • Eliminating low productivity among employees

These just cover the extra ability you have as a business owner to STOP profit loss. But a CCTV system can actually PREVENT it. Visible security cameras will dissuade shoplifters, and let your employees know that they are always accountable for their work ethic.

For industrial settings, CCTV can function as a supervisory tool. A business owner can’t always be on site to make sure operations are running smoothly. But with a CCTV, the facilities can be monitored remotely, so the owner or manager can always have an active hand.

Why Kingdom Security?

While a CCTV system is crucial in maintaining a secure, profitable facility, we know it’s not enough. At Kingdom Security, we focus on integration. That means that we build our systems on more than just one factor. A secure building is more than just a monitored building.

From card access to remote monitoring, Kingdom has you covered on all fronts. We work with customers in the Houston area and throughout the Gulf Coast region. If you’re ready to design your custom security system, request a quote today.

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