Whether you own an office building, an industrial plant, or any other building with frequent comings and goings, the possibility of trespassing is a serious threat. You have an obligation to keep your employees and visitors safe. Unauthorized access to your property leaves it open to damage, theft, or even workplace violence.

The only way that you can properly secure your property is to make sure there is a barrier keeping out those who don’t belong. Of course, you can hire a security team, but time and time again, that proves to fall short. The ideal method is securing every entryway with a door card reader (also known as a proximity card reader).

Why Door Card Readers?

The need for secure access to your building is obvious. From violent intruders to disgruntled ex-employees, there are people out there that might want to do harm to your tenants. If the building contains valuable equipment or products, secured access also protects from burglary. With a door card reader, you can ensure that only the right people get in.

Not only are door card readers less expensive than around the clock security, but they also allow for instant authorization and deauthorization. One of the main motivations for workplace violence is job termination. If you can immediately restrict access to terminated employees, the chances of them returning to do harm are greatly reduced.

Why Kingdom?

Here at Kingdom Security, we’ve been installing integrated security systems for over a decade. In that time, we’ve worked with clients ranging from single office space owners to full shopping malls.

We know the needs of different industries, and that’s why businesses all across the Houston area trust us every day. That trust has only been earned with time, dedication, and industry-leading customer service.

Whether you just need door card readers, or you’re ready to design your custom system, get a quote today.

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